Dr. H. C. Srivastava Memorial Lecture /Award (upto 40 Years), sponsored by local organizing committee Since 2011, Kolkata

Dr. H.C. Srivastava Memorial Lecture /Award carries a cash reward of Rs.10000.00 and memento

Dr. N.K. Mathur, Jodhpur -2008
Dr.P.L. Soni, Dehradun -2009
Dr. Rajan Shah, USA -2010
Dr. K.P.R. Kartha, NIPER, Mohali -2011
Dr. Vinod Tewari, BHU-2012
Dr.Vineet Kumar,FRI,Dehradun-2013
ACCT(I) announces a new award "Dr. H.C. Srivastava Memorial Award"
upto the age of 40, which has been formulated at the Silver Jubilee
CARBO XXV meeting of ACCT(I) at Shimla. Applications are invited
from the eligible candidates on plain paper with full biodata both
electronically (soft copy through email) as well as in hard copy with
self attested documents.



Dr.Vineet Kumar -Dr.H.C.Srivastava award



Criterion and Eligibility

  1. The ACCT(I) announces a new award in memory of Dr. H.C. Srivastava as decided at the CARBO XXV, Silver jubilee conference held at Shimla in 2010.
  2. Any citizen of India engaged in research in any field of science and technology of carbohydrates up to the age of 45 (as decided in the meeting) years as reckoned on 31st December of the year preceding the year of the Prize.
  3. The award carries prize money of Rs. 10000.00 with a citation, is given by the Local Organizing Committee of the annual forthcoming Carbohydrate Conferences.
  4. It is bestowed on a person who, in the opinion of ACCT(I), has made conspicuously important and outstanding contributions to human knowledge and progress – fundamental and applied – in the particular field of carbohydrates.
  5. The Prize is awarded on the basis of contributions made through work done primarily in India during the ten years preceding the year of the Prize. (For this purpose ‘primarily’ will mean ‘for the most part’)
  6. Publication numbers in leading national and international journals, patents applied/ granted, technologies developed and commercialized, citation numbers of the papers and impact factors will be the criteria for evaluation of research contributions.
  7. Evaluators themselves will be persons of high caliber, have worked enormously in the field of carbohydrates and be a member of important decision making bodies.
  8. It is also desirable that a continuous effort in a particular direction leading to definite conclusion may be taken into consideration. – may be deleted
  9. Besides the above points, consideration of contribution towards the upliftment of the ACCT(I), eTCR & CNL in any form shall be taken into consideration.
  10. All applicants must be the members of the Association for minimum one year.
  11. Interested applicants must apply on plain paper as well as send electronic copy to the Secretary, ACCT(I), with full bio-data by 30th September.
  12. Decisions of the evaluators will be final and will be binding on the applicants.

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